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Flower Essence

What is flower essence? A flower essence is made by water with flower energy/vibration and brandy to preserve.
I use Australian Bush Flower Essence ("Flower essences supplied by Australian Bush Flower Essences, all rights reserved.” for my beautiful flower essence mixture.

There are 69 types of essences to choose from.
Each flower has different benefit/work to it.
E.g. Stress, anxiety, family issue, relationship, spiritual etc.

As I'm a Naturopath/Reiki healer, I prefer you to choose 4~5 flowers to yourself using your intuition!! (Intuition lets you choose the right ones!)
I will ask your emotional issue or things you want to improve and I will create your own 1 beautiful flower essence bottle.

Therefore, It will take a couple days to dispatch after I get all the information from you.

A Bottle is a 25 ml bottle (2~3weeks worth of essence in it)

$25 (1x25ml bottle)

Additional postage required

A flower essence is safe to use for Adult, child, baby and pets. So anyone can use it!

Example of use:
- Drop into the water and drink
- Drop in your mouth
- Drop into your water bottle and sip throughout the day
- Mix with body cream
- Drop into the bath

Etc... Whichever your ways to enjoy the beautiful essence.

There is an order form below this page for ordering your special one! We will send you an invoice, then after the payment, we will send you a questionnaire. After that, we will blend your original flower essences. 

If you want me to pick flower essences for you, please let me know. And please mention what emotional issue you are experiencing, and/or what sort of emotional status you want to gain in the order form below. I will choose some flowers for you.

Please do not hesitate to email/ sending chat to me for any inquiries. 

The following treatments and techniques are used in Naturopathic treatment. It'll be tailor made for your symptoms. 


Flower Essence

I use Australian Bush Flower essences. Flower remedies work beautifully for our emotional well-being. I will use this beautiful method when needed.
I offer the session to choose your own bottle of Australian Bush flower essence. Please book your session at the "Appointment" at the right top corner.

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We will get back to you within 24 hours

Thanks for submitting!

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