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Holistic Health Treatments・
Naturoapthy & Reiki Healing Package

This is a combination package to experience both Naturopathy and Reiki healing in a same time. You will be taken care of both physically and mentally.

This package is suitable for any ages, also suitable for the people before-during-after cancer treatment to improve quality of life.

In Clinic

⭐️ Initial Consultation 60 min & Reiki Healing 60 min

$210 AUD

⭐️ Follow up Consultation 60min & Reiki Healing 60min

$190 AUD

⭐️ Follow up Consultation 30min & Reiki Healing 60min

$150 AUD


⭐️ Initial Consultation 60min & Reiki Healing 30min

$160 AUD

⭐️ Follow up Consultation 60min & Reiki Healing 30min

$150 AUD

⭐️ Follow up Consultation 30min & Reiki Healing 30min

$100 AUD

* Please note Herbs/Supplements are not included in the consultation fees. 

Please make a booking from "Appointment" on the top right corner. 

Please feel free to contact me for any inquiries.

The following treatments and techniques are used in Naturopathic treatment. It'll be tailor made for your symptoms. 

Homeopathic Bottles

Herbal Medicine Treatment

Considering your overall health symptoms to come up the beautiful mixture of herbal remedy.

Health Shake

Nutritional & Lifestyle Counseling

To support enhancing your optimal health by nutritional & dietary analysis and look into your lifestyle. Food as medicine applies here. 


Flower Essence

I use Australian Bush Flower essences and Bach Flower remedies. Both flower remedies work beautifully for our emotional well-being. I will use this beautiful method when needed.

I offer the session to choose your own bottle of Bach flower essence OR Australian Bush flower essence. Please book your session at the "Appointment" at the right top corner. 



Iridology is the method for assisting us to understand your current/potential health conditions. Your iris tell us those information by its colour and structures. 

Please note that iridology is a tendency and not a certainty.

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