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#3: Holistic approaches to Stress Management

Hello. How are you?

Continued from a previous post, I will write some treatment methods that I use :)

As a naturopath, I recommend herbal medicine prescriptions, lifestyle and dietary advice and mindfulness meditation for you cope with stress. Here are some holistic approaches that I use for stress management.

Tip #1 - Herbal Medicine & Flower remedies

We use some herbs that act as a calming nervous system, and increase stress adaptation etc.

Some examples of herbal medicines that I use;

- Withania

- Schisandra

- Lemon balm

- Hops

- Passionflower

- Valerian

- St Johns wort


We will choose herbs that suitable for your condition to make up a customized herbal liquid for you!

Even though, herbs are all natural, there are quite a lot of interactions with medications (It's all complicated).

Therefore, please get a proper consultation to get a prescription/dispense herbal mix from Naturopath or Herbalist for those herbs.

Flower essences are working beautifully for the emotional health.

I will ask you to choose the flowers using your intuition to make your customized bottle!

Flower essences don't interact with medications. Therefore safe to use for any ages (from baby, elderly, and animals!, too)

Tip #2 - Eat a balanced diet

Please ensure that you eat a balanced diet.

And make sure well-hydrated.

Some important nutrients for reduce stress and calming mood.

  • Protein

  • B Vitamins

  • Magnesium

However, it is very important to eat balanced diet not only focusing for above nutrients!

Tip #3 - Get some sunlights

Sunlight is important to maintain our immune system as well as our mood, too.

Specially, if the weather is good, please go outside to get some fresh air and sunlight :)

Tip #4 - Connect with Nature

Have you heard of "grounding" or "earthing"? Both are the same meaning, it's connecting with nature.

Examples are

  • Walking barefoot on the ground, and beach

  • Touch the tree, water (river, ocean), and soil

Tip #5 - Meditation and Breathing

Meditation is a very useful tool for reducing/managing stress.

I especially recommend to do mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness is the concept of "being right now"

Not thinking of past or future.

Just right now. Just feel how you feel in that moment.

Talking about feeling just right now, I'm recommending to do this box breathing when you feel very stressful or anxious.

Box breathing 🌬


🌿 Calm your feelings

🌿 De-stress

🌿 Improve sleep

🌿 Reduce anxiety etc

🟦 Procedure 🟦

Slowly inhale from the nose

4 seconds


Hold your breath

4 seconds


Slowly exhale from the mouth

4 seconds


Hold your breath

4 seconds


Slowly inhale from the nose

4 seconds

Keep repeating for at least 3 times

Let's give it a try 👍

"The number one root of all illness, as we know, is stress”. – Marianne Williamson.

How do you feel about the holistic stress reduction approach?

Each of them are quite easy to adapt into your life straight away except using herbal medicine, aren't they :)

I'd happy to consult your case and support your overall health!

Please contact me if your gut says this is it :)

Look forward to talk to you!!

Have a nice day!


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